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Kris Ventures is a small web-focused digital product studio with the goal to make our client's product a success story.


What we are great at

With years of experience behind our back, we can help you with anything web related

  • Full-stack development

    We love building web apps using Ruby on Rails & React

  • Marketing websites

    Utilising the power of headless CMS (we especially love Prismic) to create marketing websites that are versatile and scalable.

  • Design

    A working website is not enough - it also needs to look great

  • SEO

    Put your website out there to be found - we keep on top of SEO trends so we are always one step ahead of search engines

Hit the ground running and delivered great results in a speedy fashion. Communicated clearly, worked effortlessly together with our internal team and existing tech stack, and went the extra mile.

Sjoerd Handgraaf
CMO, Sharetribe

Let's build a great product together

Reach out to us and let us how what is your product or idea in mind. We will be happy to listen!

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